Penelope Cruz, All the Images for Mango Autumn-Winter

I have always been faithful admirer of the image of Penelope Cruz, Since it is pure Mediterranean sensuality and it is explosive, in recent years I joined this fetish style, which has been able to grow very well, standing out as one of the finest Spanish actresses today. Therefore, the campaigns that has led to Mango No I’ve lost none, even even in Amsterdam I learned of the new.

The of this autumn-winter already in images that complement that Nuria anticipated some time ago, and return to be magnificent. In them, Penelope Cruz out radiant, exploiting to the maximum the air erotic that he associated with the great Sofia Loren but keeping in some moments, some air to Audrey Hepburn (although it is still halfway to reach both levels).

The collection offers us what have already been anticipating. First of all the Oxford Bags high-waisted, second, a sober colors and clothes according to the situation that we are living now, but without forgetting that we must also give the body a joy with very low-cut dresses and tight to the body.

Also like to see as color It is not forgotten, as we can see in a colorful dress from

And that the trend of dressing to the women men, again confirm with this signature.

Always unique and stylish, perhaps can they request more?