Outfit: The Last Summer’s Day

Posted by admin on February 26, 2017

I got it so much desired and it has arrived:
Last time I ate even a sundae.
Last time I have before the Cafe outside for hours sat and enjoyed the Sun.
One last time I misplaced my work space on the balcony.
Last time I ran around in the tank top and sunglasses.
One last time, I’ve enjoyed the summer.
Last time I wore a real summer look.

Last weekend I was still really warm and summery in Berlin, so that I have tasted the summer weather still time right now for the last time.
And that is why today there are my last summer look of the year, before I myself finally dedicate the fall and conclude the cold season in the arms. But this last time consciously enjoy, it had to be easy!

This colorful jacket hung long at me in the closet, and either it was too warm to wear jacket or to unsommerlich, because this particular piece worthy of Sun and radiates a colorful happiness even when it rains, I can barely stand in the rain. In addition, it is also the most colorful piece with me in the closet, but I just like this boho look with the leather jacket, even though I’m not a fan of such varied patterns otherwise. Also I noticed, that I have not properly high sandals, but that’s the wish list for next year!


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