Outfit: #fearless withOTTO

Posted by admin on February 7, 2017

I got a dud.
So actually I have very many, but it’s not about that now, but only the one:
I’m not into dress codes.
This does not mean that I no find stupid dress code, on the contrary, the only problem is that I always miss to interpret them.
When it comes to properly rig up to get casual and am right on styled, if everyone else just in jeans and a T-Shirt. I don’t know what that is, but it really often happened to me and everytime I felt wildly uncomfortable – as I would not to be simply. As Spotlight on me would be there and everyone would stare at me.
I have to smile when I think back. Smile about my insecurity and my sudden desperation. Today I would put back much better. but nowadays it also not so often happens to me, because if one knows its weaknesses, you can handle it. If I now go to one event with or without a dress code, I have a backup plan.
I have a leather jacket to me that back down to styling a flashy dress and a fur vest, which makes every outfit look instantly glamorous.
And this is the trick: If I’m again unsure I combine cool with glamorous.
I’m so moving out the vest, hold a casual outfit with black shirt, jeans and high heels.
I again put on the vest, I draw all eyes on me.
Can anyone else say, the perfect outfit would be no art in itself 🙂

By the way: The inspiration for this outfit I was the new fashion k package from OTTO by OTTO Fearless Selection. There’s the right funny YouTube spot here.
It comes in the end, that certain pieces of clothing a security type, a courage, unless the blouse at the interview or the new shoes on the first date.
Everyone is familiar with such situations 🙂
This campaign is accompanied by a charming competition:
A new load in Instagram (do not cheat!) Picture of your outfit up with a piece of clothing that gives you courage, syncs it with #Fearless WithOTTO and the 5 outfits with the most likes win a 500 EUR each OTTO voucher.
All images are collected in the photo story on our site, if her inspiration you want 🙂

The look
Vest: Laura Scott
Jeans: Laura Scott
Necklace: OTTO
Bracelet: OTTO
Shoes: All Saints


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