Our Bogner Bag Is out There!

Good news! Finally the around is the World Bag, who designed Anni, Sarah, Anne and I in the trade and also online available!!!
I think you can see quite well that the personality of each blogger is reflected, and I’m really very proud of the result!
It is large enough that the half budget fits, doesn’t look but still travel bag.
What I also love the gunmetal elements – simply adjust to everything!
You will see the bag probably certainly even more often to me 🙂

The rest of the outfit is now also somewhat fancier because I was down again for high heel shoes and a long Blazer. Underneath I’m wearing a coarse sweater and in a plaid poncho, which I have converted as a scarf (very much sound!).

By the way: I am super often asked “me not because cold whether” – most people think themselves simply “Russian genes…” and ask not only, but those who dare, which I tell also my tricks. The one with the double pantyhose you know (what really brings!) well, and now comes another, slightly embarrassing, but very effective Tip: I wear with such airy things often tight-fitting tops made of wool or a sexy biker wool under the rock, known as wool underwear. You could almost say I swear on wool underwear. That sees all others as sexy but when the weather did I honestly also does not necessarily need to take my clothes off and to go just with someone in the bushes. Must be also not always sexy.

The look
bag: bogner bags & belts
jumpers: volcom
Coat: pimkie
jeans: asos
shoes: zara
scarf: eleven paris