On a Visit to the Company by Pamela Love

Posted by admin on March 4, 2017

Nike and I love love love the jewelry by Pamela Love. The stylist, musician and furthermore jewelry designer enchanted us with their very extravagant jewelry all the time on’s new: striking, large, cut rocked and rarely filigree, for it but still damn fine. The jewelry needs a vehicle that performs the beautiful bracelets, opulent chains and very prominent rings with much self-confidence and show places him in the truest sense of the word. Oversized and dangerous many look their designs, deter the us but can’t. And some like these pieces be sure to clunky and intrusive, but we think that you should love jewelry by Pamela Love just so – and therefore it may be quiet a bit bolder!

From April will be

It’s a small collaboration with Topshop give that surely just attracts us, as their pieces of the current Spring collection. We must be curious. To the one or even closer to bring others the interesting New Yorker, you can now get a glimpse into her creative hotbed and look more closely at the one or the other of their collection.

Teen Vogue and the Coveteur were indeed exclusively at the all-round talent in the Studio and show us how inspired the designer and how she produces her pieces! Here a small selection of the image from her Studio – more’s of course here.

the current collections you can see here and here still closer. The pieces of the collaboration with the New York Rogan Gregory here.


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