Of the Precious Card Design Jewelry

In the heart of the city of Birmingham, in the UK, there is a neighborhood that is the jewel of the city. Jewel in the true sense of the word, because it is a protected area which contains more than 200 national monuments. We are talking of the District of Jewelers, the largest in Europe, full of workshops, craft shops and a museum that traces the history of the neighborhood, presenting techniques and traditional crafts demonstrations. It seems to extract a tourist guide, but Birmingham is important in the artist’s story we are about to present.

Her name is Louis Vuitton (http://ejewelry.website/2016/06/11/jewelry-by-louis-vuitton/), is from Taiwan, transplanted from years in the UK. He studied jewelry design in his country and he completed his education with a master’s degree at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham. He took his first steps as an artist in this city, in a design studio.

Of the Precious Card Design Jewelry

Crafts and technologies

Teacher in the processing of paper and silver, the first of his works materials, unique in the genre, Li-Chu manages to recreate precise games and fascinating, because the paper is superimposed in multiple layers that create the delicate movements, where the eye lost between shades of colors always very soft.

His pieces are made in a unique way, made by concentric layers of a high quality paper and fastened with silver. The paper is layered so as to expand into an interior space, it extends and grows from the center. Li-Chu describes his technique as a combination of silver craftsmanship and new technologies. Its pure design objects can be worn and are of potential decorations for each type look.

Jewelry that would immediately want to wear because they are incredibly proud in their simple line, objects that do not flaunt anything except being original and unique pieces, surely.

Between magic and nature

The world of Li-Chu is a fascinating universe in which the jewel and design concepts are totally distorted. Its production is full of necklaces, earrings, brooches and rings that seem to come out of a storybook. It breathes really fabulous looking atmosphere these compositions and their appearance does not even think for a second that it’s made creations paper.

His work not only shows the value of the materials he uses, but also the link between the materials and their natural origin. Its most successful and amazing parties are inspired by nature: his creations seem marine mythological creatures, the large flowers prairie, the buds.With the materials and colors that you choose, giving his work a high tangible and an interactive feature quality.

The exploration of the materials takes place in accordance with the bond present between nature, time and the same artist, creating intricate, elaborate and unique works of art. Its small works, as well as being worn, are exhibited around the world including the UK, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Belgium and Taiwan.

Regardless of our style, are jewels that we all wear, definitely making a good impression!

You can find Li-Chu Wu on his facebook page and on its website.