Nomon Watches, Steel Collection of Modern Wall Clocks

4i Nomon Suspension Points Watch

Nomon is a Spanish manufacturer of modern timepieces which is one of the leading worldwide companies in the manufacture of modern wall clocks.His pieces are known all over the world and imported from any corner.A large part of its current production is destined for other countries.

Today we show you some of the models of Nomon watches made of steel that have just been added to our catalog.


The Watch Points watch that is seen in the first photo is the model 4i of Nomon.Each of the models usually have some variations among which are for example that the finishes “i” are in steel, the finishes “n” are in walnut wood and the “g” finishes are the collection Gold, ie gold .In addition many of his watches also consist of a model with four time stamps (such as the photo that is the 4i), and also of models with 12 time stamps (it would be the model 12i).

Clock 2 Points Nomon

The watch 2 points of the second photo consists, besides the machinery and the needles, of a structure formed by two circles in stainless steel that supports the central machinery by means of a cross with steel rods. The entire structure of this watch Nomon is suspended from the wall from a single anchor point.

Nomon Punto y Coma Clock

The Punto y Coma Nomon watch from the third photo consists of a kind of pendulum hanging from an anchor point on the wall. On the pendulum itself is placed the machinery and the hands of the clock. This is a very curious design that emphasizes the minimalism that characterizes the design of needles and machinery with a much more classic pendulum design.That is to say, it combines the classic design of the typical wall clocks that worked by means of a pendulum and weights that provided energy to the machinery, with the modernity of the new technologies that allow to compress the machinery in a small box.

Merlin Nomon Watch

And finally, the clock Merlin . I love its design, the needles in chrome steel and the time markers in turn made of steel as well. The design of the Merlin watch from Nomon seems to us simply spectacular. And you?