Need a Sports Bra? Search Shock Absorb

A few years ago that has become fashionable jogging through the city. Are increasingly more people that we are running through the different points of our city or town. The crisis, the price of gyms or just the fact of being outdoors make out jogging increasingly more common practice.

But, what we need to protect our chest in impact sports? Only one thing: a good sport bra. In the market there are many types, with more or less advantages, then… How can we can make with our purchase? From ClothingExpress we give you the keys to get the perfect sports bra.

To ensure a good chest protection whatever the activity that we do, we will have to take into account that our sports bra has the following characteristics:

  • Shock absorber. One of the consequences of doing sport, having more or less chest, it vibrates. A constant vibration of breast can cause later headaches on the top as well as, if the sudden movement is very common, a detachment of the pectoral muscles. To avoid these symptoms it is important that bra that we buy have shock absorb, so the breast is subject to us and you can reduce this vibration at 70%.
  • Easy set. In this type of fasteners are interested in much chest be very subject and size we choose is correct. Therefore, if we bought it we go large it won’t have the desired effect and if we tighten, will not let us perform comfortably activity that we have proposed. So the ideal is that you can choose from a variety of sizes of outline and Cup as if a traditional bra. We have not to forget the straps, these will have to be able to adjust (if you can do it once since, would be ideal) to adapt as best as possible to our body.
  • Breathable fabric. When we do sport the last thing we want is to be soaked, and least in this sensitive area such as the chest. Therefore, a plus for the BRA that we choose will be have a tissue that move moisture from our skin to the outside of the garment.
  • Reinforcements and soft seams. If you have smooth seams while flat, it will help that not us they stick or produce rods in the areas in which it is in contact. Would also be interesting to have a reinforcement between the breasts, as it is where most moisture accumulates and one of the most sensitive areas for women.

Now have the keys to acquire the best sports bra, so that, you do yoga or go to run… don’t miss your perfect bra!