Nautical Shoes: Basic and Trend of the Summer

This style of footwear together with the moccasins, is one of the most representative of men’s casual fashion. His name is that they were shoes designed for nautical sports. Today are the Favorites to complement the casual style of the gentlemen and this summer 2016 are present with more force than ever, because they are perfect to wear them without socks and add a chic touch to your outfit.

They are many combinations we can do with some water and in this post I will share three variants that do not fail this summer.

With denim: Jean is that best fits the nautical shoes if you are looking for is a look relaxed within the city, either to choose a shirt of Jean with khaki pants or jeans with a short sleeve shirt. For the best combinations with denim are nautical sports style in coffee.

With Bermuda shorts or shorts: The shorts are essential in the closet of any man and are undoubtedly a key piece to accompany the nautical. The final touch for this look can be a polo type shirt. Don’t forget that accessories can make a difference according to HBBLTD.COM.

With a suit: that is! This summer the nautical can combine them with a suit. Due to the strong impact that casual footwear in recent seasons it is logical that if we can combine some sneakers with a suit, ultimately also can combine it with some nautical do not you think?. So you know, if you have a wedding on the beach in door or a formal event during the day, don’t be afraid to do this combination because it will make them look with a stylish and very cool at the same time.