Natalie Portman in The Paris Fashion Week

Another of the essential of Jezebel, Natalie Portman, who returns after their vaunted separation with the great musician Devendra Banhart, which has been naked in his new album. Aside from judge if they were such that (for that are Poprosa partners), we are back to delight us with his last appearance.

He has been in the Paris fashion week, where the beautiful actress has been seeing, who after a black dress of their own has returned to wear as few know: simple and elegant, with the fair, but well run.

In the last appearances we had seen it too slob looks, perhaps influence of his former partner, who usually dress in this way, and now already returns its previous image. With a slight blue eye shadow and a soft shade of pink, Portman I went back to appear always, without forgetting the blusher on cheeks.

To dress, a sober black dress, divided into two parts, which looked very good on the shoulders. This, together with the queue selected, is ten, since it is simple and perfect, something very difficult. A detail of the parade was not lost of Giambattista Valli.