Multi Way Maternity Dress

Nice mini dress you with a snap can transform into the most beautiful blouse with Wrinkly effect at the bottom. Or to a tunka. In other words, a piece of multi functional maternity clothes from Swedish Boob!

Yet a dress with multi functions from Boob: acts as wait dress and tightens you lines in the pages you get suddenly a tunic or a dress. And so it is really good-of course shows the stomach, but it is also on the best looking show. And since this handy Yo-Yo dress, as it’s called, is made of lyocell, it means that it is so soft that it is really hard to get off again. A delicious case, you just feel like to live in. it is also multifunctional in that you can easily transform it from everyday wear to evening wear! With long soft sleeves that have sleeve of bats above it.

Maternity Clothes & Nursing:

Unfortunately, Boob not sneaked a nursing function into this Yo-Yo dress, so it is and will be maternity clothes!


Multi Way Maternity Dress  Multi Way Maternity Dress