Moto 360, Reasons Why To Buy This Smart Watch

The Moto 360 is already on our wrists, is one of the most awaited watches with Android Wear of the season. We tell you things that you should know about this smart watch and that will surely make your teeth very long and sharp. We tell you its technical data, price and features.

[Update] You can read our analysis on the Moto 360 in this article. In the we tell you its operation, technical aspects and everything you can do with this smartwatch.

Motorola brings us the Moto 360 smartwatch, a model that breaks the established to all the above about smart watches. The first thing we know about the Motorola watch, besides being spherical, is that it uses the Android operating system (the well-known Android Wear). At a glance, this Moto 360, instead of an Android clock for people who want to be the latest in technology, looks like a classic high end watch for people with very good “taste” (the design is magnificent).

This is the direction the market was expecting… a brilliantly designed, precision-engineered, highly functional Clock with a presentation in line with the article.

This Moto 360 is the Holy Grail of Android Watches , is what many users were hoping to have and what many manufacturers wanted to manufacture. Surely, among all the models that currently exist on the market, this smart watch Moto 360 is the best combination of design and functionality.

Technical Specifications Of The Moto 360.

There are many that go directly to this section … There are still some secrets of the Moto 360 that will be unveiled when it is for sale. For now we know that the models you can buy from Moto 360 are:

Other features include: Single physical button, Vibration and Dual microphone . In addition to buying the Moto 360 has a load base of easy placement for the model.

The Operating System Of The Moto 360.

Motorola has announced that this smart watch will focus on using the Androidoperating system . When buying your Moto 360 watch you will have a more familiar interface, since if you are a user of an Android phone you will see that Android Wear is very similar to the operation of the previous operating system.

Having Android in our Moto 360 assures us an extensive catalog of software available to install immediately. On one hand we think that is a success, since having a common platform developers will have more possibility to make applications for Android watches. The negative thing is that we must check if these applications are compatible with our model.

The Price Of The Moto 360

The price of the Moto360 is still indicative in Spain, but according to some offers that we are finding of distributors the price is around $ 299 in the United States, so the price in our country is about 250 €. This price will put you in competition with Samsung Smartwatch model, Samsung Gear 2 (you can read an analysis of this model in the link) and Apple Watch. It is a very competitive price for the quality of the product and its magnificent finish, perfect to carry it at any time of the day.

Buying the Moto 360 is a great success, we think it is one of the best models you can find in the market both for quality, price and functionality.What are you waiting for?.

The New Moto 360 Second Generation And Moto 360 Sport

It was expected that after the praises that will take the Motorola device, will perform an update of their device in different versions.

The new second generation Moto 360 is a clock with different improvements. In the aspect of design, we can incorporate different straps, and we have the possibility to buy it in two different sizes.

One of the new features of the second generation is that we have Wi-Fi connection in the clock; Its performance is also greater, as well as a lower consumption of the battery.

Moto 360 Sport

But the great news is the Moto 360 Sport, a smart clock with Wifi and GPS, designed for those looking for a more sporty option. Its design, as the name says, is more sport, thanks to its silicone strap.