More Mango Autumn-Winter

In May we already showed a preview of what would be the new collection of Mango for this Autumn-Winter 2007 / 2008. And the truth is an impressive collection. The other day I went to a store and I loved everything. A few designs that seem to be of international designers, in fact, every day that passes the Spanish firm is consolidating more internationally.

But we’re going to what interests us, the outfits. For the day, have acquired great importance the coats and the trench coat of colors, Since the Red and broken white, up to the Black classic passing by the Scottish tartans. The most beautiful and stylish? The coats fitted at the waist with large black buttons.

Black models feature classical forms and retro style where bottlenecks are different in each model and all them are combined mainly with dresses, garment star of the season. And many hats.

For the night, Mango presents the collection of Evening, the collection of holidays, with different styles: highlight the dresses in a multitude of colors, of inspiration years 20´. Long lace, fringe, velvets, Jet jewelry and importance of different textures in black.

Metallic designs and glitters are to look at nightlife to party all night to dance on the track. This translates into fabrics like satin or sequins or tacks on the accessories. There is also space for the Mini-shorts In contrast, for male costumes, that wearing them with a good back, is a sexy but elegant woman.

This season the Spanish firm is that it pulls it. Between the new plus size collection and the collection of the Cruz sisters, no who can resist to pass by Mango.