Men’s Fashion

The renewal of men’s fashion It is a phenomenon that has set the fashion world in recent years.

Now passes through a State of Update in an industry that has always been very conservative.

The main protagonist is undoubtedly, Hedi Slimane, a guru in all aspects of fashion.

In this way trend and fashion for men are terms that start has go hand in hand, as a marriage that just take the wedding vows.

It is true that much to go and that male trends are reaching more people everyday.

From designers and traditional brands, the young artists will have to work very hard to enter in the news most notable specialised national and international journalism.

An aenclosure of the male world fashion as the last seasons have shown.

Now, more that ever, screening, selecting, despise and choose between the varied world of male fashion designers has become a ‘mission impossible’.

Jezebel It aims to provide a point of light to all this madness, putting one Special attention to men’s fashion.