Men’s Fashion Of The 50s And 60s Years

In  the 50s, after the dark years of the war, the youth took over at the, what was in fashion, music and lifestyle. For the first time in the history of not just took over the sprouts, the style and the way of life of their parents, but returned to by depends and invented their own style. The larger amount of money which was teenagers available and generously has been issued for clothing, movies, and music was helpful. The latter should characterise the youth culture and the men’s fashion over the following decades.

The Influence Of Music On The Men’s Fashion

The American Alan Freed was one of the first DJs, the rhythm & Blues played in his broadcasts. Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry were among others on his playlist and it also was the 1951, the term “Rock ‘ n’ roll” brought for the first time in the game. The enthusiasm of the youth for this music style was not to break through the generation of parents and should significantly influence the development of fashion in the next few years.

The big stars of the rock ‘ n’ roll stylten in the style of that time, and her style was copied again by their fans and developed as a fashion trend.

Of The Flannel Suit To The Drape – The Teddy Boys

At the end of the 40s, it was still usually a gray or brown suit made of flannel and a Homburg hat as a man. In the 50s the cuts were then slowly lean, the materials noble, the style casual.The first youthful rebels finally adopted the neo Edwardian style, with long-cut wool jacket: the Teddy Boys, or TEDS. They came from the British working class, heard rock ‘ n’ roll and rebelled with their clothes in the style of the upper class against the establishment.

The drapes, almost knee-length jackets with velvet collar, a vest, and expecting to close down trousers with creases were characteristic of this kind of men’s fashion. To Ted’s Creepers – suede shoes with crepe sole – and a narrow band as the tie wore. In contrast to the military short hair style of the 40s, the hair were combed longer and in the forehead to the Tolle.

The Beatles stylten as Teddy Boys, when they were still a unknown skiffle band, including quiff. This fashion continued over 10 years and celebrated a great revival at the beginning of the 80s.

The Influence Of Cinema

In addition to the music, many films had a great influence on the men’s fashion of the time. in 1953 came the movie “The wild” in the cinema. Marlon Brando played the leader of a motorcycle gang in it. Himself, who does not know the film, immediately have a picture in your mind: Marlon Brando leather jacket and CAP, looks like he brooding over his motorcycle handlebars in the camera. He was a fashion model for the young post-war generation, which wanted to break with old conventions “Rebel”. Blue Jeans (inside high), white T-Shirt, black motorcycle leather jacket, tough biker – ready is the rebel-style. Timeless, cool and casual, to date.

Two years later appeared the wonderfully melancholic charismatic James Dean in “Rebel without a cause” (“because they don’t know what they are doing”) on the screen.He was also in the rebel style dressed. Instead of leather jacket, he was wearing a red bomber jacket with collar beaten-up. Even Elvis in ‘ jailhouse rock ‘ here cannot be missed. He was wearing a striped T-Shirt as a result of the film plot to his jeans.

in 1947 the jeans label WRANGLER from a manufacturer of Workwear was founded. The rebel style this Blue Jeans made incredibly popular in the following years. They were worn inside high or not. This short-sleeved shirts or shirt shirts with Plaid – a fashion, which was strictly forbidden in schools. Today, a life without jeans is no longer imaginable.

Elvis and James Dean helped also the former basketball shoes from converse, the Chuck’s popularity. And American teen films aroused the need in this country after a college jacket.

Flowers And Gods – The Tiki-Style

With rising prosperity began to travel. Paradise said the American was Hawaii.This made evident also in vogue. On the beach and in the holidays wore the men now Hawaiian shirts and shorts. And at some point she also wore them when they were not on vacation.

Tikis were gods and Idol figurines of the Polynesians. Beginning of the 50s in the 60s into as of Tiki style fashion experienced its heyday, their images found anywhere.Also available as print on shirts and dresses, as a flower vase, life-size statues, ashtrays, etc. The deities were a recurring symbol of the American interpretation of Hawaiian Polynesian design. Hence the name. To Hawaiian shirts, you have to say not much. You speak for themselves – until today.

The Swinging Sixties

 As the rock ‘n’ roll further branches and developed, doing also the men’s fashion of the 60s different flowers. The Beatles received a new stage gap and redeem their leather jackets and romp against suits and mushroom caps, which leads to many imitators in the wake of the Beatlemania of the early 60s.

The Mods – Noble Rebels

A new youth movement comes once again from England and once again the British working class. The mods ride up on their Vespas and Lambrettas gepimpten and spread a little Italian flair.

Their way of rebellion is in good clothes and good behavior. You wear body-close-cut noble suits with narrow pants, sometimes striped or checkered, brand-name clothing, narrow shirts and narrow ties. Moreover, the compulsory parka to protect the good bits.

They were good but not despite its manicured appearance. Visits to the London music clubs several times per week and trips to the coast at the weekend were on the agenda. To get through this, she had to help but sometimes with amphetamines. Also to brawls (usually with rockers), they made a bow.

Their music is rhythm & blues and Ska, which was only really known by the mods, and popular.

London, The Epicenter Of Fashion

In the 60s you focused generally on the fashion of the new boutiques of King’s Road and Carnaby Street.


The men’s fashion was colorful as women’s fashion, and the colors is stronger.Shirt collars were pointed and longer, the shirts of close, Paisley-and large flower patterns were modern. Slim cut high-water trousers slowly turned into Bell bottoms. Velvet and corduroy were popular fabrics. Many men now corduroy hats and colorful silk scarves wore as accessories. It is only a small step up to the flower power Hippie movement of the 70s, punk and glam rock.