Men’s Casual Shoes: Some Tips For Choosing The Best

From casual shoes for men, and through boots, sandals and footwear, to the most comfortable high heel shoes for women, you will find the best options; And in this blog, some tips to choose the ideal shoes for all type of occasion.

Casual style: the one that never fails:

The great advantage of the current fashion is that it allows a freedom that never before had been seen when choosing the style most appropriate to our personality and to the places that we frequent. The options are many and the combinations that can be given are practically endless. Faced with this situation we can become somewhat disoriented.But if there is doubt, we will always have a style that even though the years pass is still in force. We’re talking casual style.

It is worth mentioning that casual style is often an excellent choice for everyday life or for work, as long as there is no formal dress code like that to which certain professionals should stick or if you plan to attend a specific event.Fortunately more and more companies have understood that the comfort of the worker helps to obtain better returns;Also has become aware that the formality is not the only alternative to look presentable, because a casual look well taken care of can be synonymous with elegance.

A quick definition of casual style:

If you have arrived here but you are not clear on what the casual style consists, we will pause for a moment, because it is important to know what we mean when we talk about this style, since many men turn to him without even knowing it.

There is a fundamental rule for achieving the casual style: to mix in the same degree the informality and the comfort with the elegance. Of course, if it were only about being comfortable, we would go out with running shoes, pants or shorts and a shirt from our favorite sports team, but that would not under any circumstances mean that we have adopted a casual style.

If we take a tour of our favorite department store, we will see that the garments of this style increasingly cover a larger area in the spaces intended for men’s clothing. Casual men’s shoes, jackets, denim pants and other materials, casual sacks, smooth shirts and all kinds of prints are offered by piles to satisfy the most demanding tastes. In this way, the scarcity of options will never be a pretext.

Comfort is synonymous with functionality. We said at the outset that casual style is useful for everyday activities such as informal events with friends and family, and of course for work. And this style should allow us to develop with ease and even to walk, an activity that is usually necessary if we want to arrive in time in the huge Mexican cities. That’s why casual men’s shoes are the best choice for comfortable walking wherever we go.

Three options:

Shoe shoes: leather shoes do not necessarily have to be formal shoes that we should use with a suit or dress pants. On the other hand, there are suede shoes, which in this 2016 is the material par excellence for men’s casual shoes. Both options can be part of a casual style by combining them with pants of the same style and even with jeans. We do not recommend the straight cut of the pants but a slightly tighter one, since this type of shoes are less bulky than the ones of other styles and to look a more stylized legs it is recommended that the cut of the pantalón fit better to its form.

Moccasins: This summer is also witnessing the unusual force that has taken on the use of moccasins. Even those men who swore they would never leave their sneakers, today are opting for this elegant and comfortable option. Also available in leather and suede are manifested as the best option to wear a classic casual style. A good pair of moccasins should not be missing in your wardrobe; We recommend a light color and a dark color. And not to fail, it is not bad to have some blue moccasins, the favorites for this year.

Fabric and denim: this style moccasins are an excellent choice for summer days in which the sun makes its appearance and with it the high temperatures, since the current trend indicates that perfectly can be used without socks if we want to carry a Casual style that is cool and a little cheeky. We recommend to wear pants that are not too piped or too long so that the shoe looks in all its splendor.

Let us not confuse the freedom to choose with the absence of rules: avoid the ridiculous ones.

It must be understood that even though today there are many options and we have great freedom to put together the look that pleases us, there is a thin line between a casual style bold and a style that scratches the ridiculous. Although color combinations are more varied than ever, it is recommended to wear a belt of the same color as the shoes and not to exceed three colors (previously the predominance of only two colors was common), which should also be of a similar range.

We bid you farewell reminding you that you will also find belts with which you can combine your casual men’s shoes to achieve an even more elegant style. Do not forget to visit our online catalog in Shoesespecially and you will find many men’s shoes in different prices, sizes, models and colors. Until next time!