Maternity Clothing: Where And What to buy!

When you have your dear friend expectant or new mother is inevitable become aware of a whole world “Maternity and Baby” that until a few days before ignoravi beautifully the existence and so it happened to me, that within recently I have become a quasi-expert on the secrets of new mothers! Precisely for this reason, and with the help (and advice) my friend maternityetchic I decided to tell you in this article a bit ‘of what I have seized and give you some advice if you have just become part of the maternity world!

First, of course, talking about clothing, you have to take into account the fact that during pregnancy the true word is only one: convenience! So yes to large heads (but shaped), with jeans Maternity not to crush the belly even during the first months of pregnancy and intimate cotton free of chemical components to not risk being absorbed by the skin causing transmissible harm to the fetus. also banned the intimate lace that, especially during the last months, can cause irritation or infection!


Also with regard to T-shirts and long sleeve shirts it is always better, especially in recent months, use those pre-maman that, in addition to being structured to breastfeed, are also softer on your stomach, thus avoiding crushing problems or pain, You found a cute on

As regards the pants are perfect leggings (always pre-natal) that do not shake nor on the belly or on the legs and in many more have support seams made especially to help support the weight of the belly, perfect these on Asos that recently It inaugurated the Maternity online!


The maternity jeans instead you can find cute and stylish on the Prenatal site or in the H & M stores the most recently provided that they also have the Maternity online!

As for the clothes instead, which are always perfect, comfortable and stylish when paired with leggings and flat shoes, you can find a really cute on Asos Maternity which also has a line”evening dresses-maternity” in case you have some special occasion to which also participate with the big belly!

As for the shoes you should always wear good shoes that are not tight at the ankle, and they can help you even if your feet should swell a lot! Since winter approaches I recommend you take a look, if you do not already know them, to keep warm and UGG which are pretty much the slippers a little ‘more structured!

If you can not give up supertrendy opt for wedges shoes with up to 8-10cm heels, boots and ankle boots, provided they do not don them for too many hours!