Matchy Matchy, Ir Aggregated over and over Again Is Fashionable

  • I’m going well?
  • You’re very matchy, matchy.
  • But that is good or bad?
  • Simply going matchy, matchy.

Matchy, matchy, the new an expression that is in fashion You can use many times. And now more than ever, the mixture of prints in a same outfit or the abuse of it is fashion. The expression is to describe a too coordinated look. At first glance it could be a bad expression, but fashion is so broad that it sometimes cool people go matchy, matchy.

An example? Anna dello Russo and his personality at the time of choose clothes and outfits. Its like sometimes (most of the time) exceeds the limit of good taste and surprises us with quirky looks. But I must confess that his suit of Rochas I have crazy love.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers. And the broader the variety is better. Now that say Oops, I can’t put me this shirt stamped that pants because they carry one is not possible.

And the expression covers not only prints: can be go together with smooth clothing. How? By choosing the same colors in the final outfit. Red and orange is a good choice.

You make it in practice?