Originating in Asia and the Middle East have earrings had a long history for thousands of years where they were used as garnish, cultural identification and indication of social rank. Earrings can traced back historically to the ancient city of Perspolis in Persia, where the illustrations on the walls depicted soldiers wearing earrings.


Earrings was originally used as a simple way to tell the wearer’s tribal identity, respectively, religious or political affiliations. Earrings were also an indicator of the individual’s social status in society and was regarded as a sign of wealth and prosperity.

According to, the evil spirits are believed to be able to enter the body through one of its openings and take control. The first earrings was probably a safeguard against these spirits. In ancient times was predominantly a male ornament earrings. In ancient Rome was earrings only worn by slaves, while those in ancient Greece was used as an ornament of prostitutes. Wealthy Greek and Roman ladies also wore earrings adorned with pearls to show their social status. The bar also jewels with Topaz, Garnet and sapphires.

In the countries of the Ancient Orient was there a preference for silver and golden earrings with rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Earrings was especially appreciated in India, China, and Assyria. In medieval Europe alternated male earrings between being popular and less popular for long periods of time, until the 13th century. century, when the Catholic Church forbade the piercing of ears. This was done in accordance with the dogma that a person cannot change his or her body, which is created in the image of God. Only thieves, pirates and representatives for the lower class continued to wear earrings.

The thieves used this form of expression to show their distaste for society, while the peasants pierced ear in the family’s only boy or child who had been born immediately after the death of another child. Among sailors, was a pierced earlobe a symbol that the wearer had sailed around the world or had crossed the equator. In addition, it is commonly held that gold earrings were worn by sailors as payment for a proper burial in the event that they drowned. Earrings were also used as acupuncture with the aim of improving eyesight and hearing. For pirates was earrings set in connection with it to plunder ships. For the Russian Cossacks had up also of great importance.