Mango Spring-Summer Fashion Show

As I have already mentioned, last night the parade took place in Mango spring-summer 2011. As you have seen, the party was full of celebrities with outfits worthy of mentioning.

The runway opened with a parade of scooters that were mounted several models. After the music began to sound to show us the proposals that we will see the next Spring-summer 2011. A parade very started that you lasted almost half an hour, in which missed no detail of garments or accessories or models, because the top models Toni Minogue and Isabeli Fontana they were responsible to show us summer proposals.

Major trends we can summarize them in: colors monocromaticos where the tone is the yellow star, the sailor’s style, the essential Denim and the long dresses chiffon.

Many see them?

Monochromatic colors: yellow and Red players.

The color yellow It is tone star of the summer, at least to handle. We have seen in dresses, coats, summer, tops, shorts, skirts … no doubt bad fario does not count for the Catalan company.

The monocromaticos ringtones, according to Topb2bwebsites, they are the proposal to handle, there is something for everyone: green, red and blue, are the main choice. In this picture we see the models in paper then we enjoyed on the catwalk.

Then, these colors appear from bottom of dress Striped Pajamas as a that not liked anything, or this dress with yellow details that seems to me a gown at home, the truth. I prefer the plain clothes to these prints. The photograph is of the tests.

The color red in their different colours also in one of the protagonists. It struck me a dress to wear for the day with a big front bow. And for the night a lovely dress with neckline dress in “ V ” which we have no photo.

The coral color We saw it in several proposals. Which I liked the most was this set of short-pique combined with a bodice of silk and Rebecca in the same tone as the short point. An ideal to look both day and night look. And the pasta in XL sunglasses, the trend of the season.

Floral print dresses.

Flowers We saw them very little for it begin to disappear. Only this dress to it we see how to test it the model before the parade, and little else.

Sailor’s style.


The sailor’s style continuous. Mango star presents primarily in t-shirts in different lengths and the combination: White and Navy Blue.

Denim style.


The Cowboy look You can not miss any collection or any time of the year. That appears in all kinds of garments, from dresses to stylish coats. Do my favorite? This model of straps which seems word of honor. It seems very elegant and comfortable by the flight of the skirt, which is ideal to wear in the hot summer afternoons.

Long chiffon dresses.

What I liked all the parade were the elegant and precious long chiffon dresses in different shades, although the color protagonist in these models was nude. A tone that brunette feels great and is very classy. In the cover image you can see a wide variety.

These two models so tight I encatan. Seem sexy and very feminine, perfect for a summer party.

Mango spring-summer 2011: plug-ins.


Here are two photographs with the bags and sandals that the models wore during the parade. How can you see everything in bright colors. Certainly it can be said that Viva color!