Low Cost Trends: The Geometry Becomes Our Wardrobe

This spring, designers have been with angle and bevel to design the prints many dresses, tops and clothing. Psychedelic games that mix stripes, colors and triangular and rectangular shapes. A class of geometry that inundate our low-cost wardrobe.

Ethnic touches on handle

The new summer catalogue of Mango presents many ethnic garments with zig-zag patterns you give a different touch to garments. I like to wear it on pants and jackets and give a different touch to the outfits. Articles that become protagonists of the looks.

Black and white in Zalando

We have already spoken by active and passive of the striped black and white This season. Take advantage of these drawings to create optical games in your figure estilicen silhouette or highlight the area you want to highlight (the old trick with horizontal stripes vertical stripes visually slimming).

Pure geometry at Zara

The Zara dress with geometric prints I have fallen in love by its vivid colors. A very urban style, almost sport de luxe is styled and feel well. Innovative designs that encourage the spring and summer. To look with simple accessories that do not remove the prominence dress: Sandals strips, dancers, and small bags.

The Kling naive touch

But if you crazy the naive touch and 60’s in dresses, takes advantage of the geometric patterns of the Kling dress to return to the pop era. Take out the good girl you’re inside with all kinds of prints in colors cheering the arrival of good weather.

Willing to remember school geometry classes and take good note in this low-cost trend?