Low Cost Trends: Markdowns Are Already Here and This Time Buy Judiciously

A few days earlier than previous years, the sales they have arrived at many stores, and also, to the online market, which already looks great discounts to sink the teeth with that extra money that some Santa and three Kings have we brought as a gift. Markdowns are already here. It is the time to buy classic pieces and some other whim. Or buy kowtowing to this spring, which is also a good idea to be.

Demi-season jacket

Copy the look of Kate Bosworth with one borrego denim jacket, perfect for halftime which is about to arrive. Zara It has not yet begun sales at its web site, but already has some items in their Special Prices. We also know how spend them the Galicians, who surprise us by as new season clothing that carry in store from November. In Zara, for 39.99 euros.

Another good idea is to make a tweed jacket In SuiteBlanco, ideal for mild spring temperatures. A classic for 24.99 euros.

The trench

A trench It will serve you now and with the first spring rains. Albergo Altavilla, a good buy for less than 40 euros.


You can that Bimba & Lola It is happening lately with high prices. Good thing is that now has some good sales to maximize. These shoes they have me in love:

  • Red boots to the Marant, 252 euros (very expensive, I know, but it is that before they cost double).
  • Halls prints, very Prada and Miu Miu style, for 57 euros.
  • Sandals with embossed Python, suitable also for the summer, for 122 euros.

The black dress

I these sales I have on my wish list a classic black dress, those that save you the ballot when you don’t have to get and that change completely depending on how combines it. In SuiteBlanco you have priced bargain of 13,99 EUR.


If there is a garment that helps us now and within a few months, that is the Shirt. In soft tones, will be a sure to wear with jeans hit. Find this green shirt in Trucco by 25,99 EUR.


It is the capricious purchase, between all the rebates we see something cute that it draws our attention and a round price and ale! for it. A hippie dress It is a great piece of halftime, those that resist almost all the weather and season. In Trucco, for less than 30 euros.

Now, in spring

Looking at the trends that will be in the spring, the Leopard It will hit strong. Get a dress without sleeves for less than 20 euros which you connect to the new season.

Another essential trend of the Spring 2013 It is the black and white duo with aires graphic. Sign up to it with this shirt of SuiteBlanco recessed 18,19 EUR.

And ended up with a garment very 2013: in Emerald Green, the color of the year. In addition the buttoned cmaisas up to above will remain being fashionable one season more. In SuiteBlanco for 13,99 euros.