Low-Cost Spring-Summer 2013 Trends: The Club of Thousand Stripes

One of the trends that we see for the next spring-summer 2013 are harder stripes and they come in black and white. A classic pattern that fashion never last but modernizing each season. I teach a selection of striped low-cost garments so you can wear a completely timeless trend. Welcome thousand stripes club!


In the collection of Bershka We find garments with casual style striped so that you can adapt them informally to all your looks. The black and white win the game.

  • Summer black and white knit sweater, by 25,99 EUR.
  • Combined striped shirt, for 19.99 euros.
  • Printed striped trousers, for 29.99 euros.


We continue with stripes in black and white. The proposals for Zara are ideal for looks to go to the office or for an evening out with friends. Bet on one striped mini skirt for a simple but elegant look. Combining your look of black and white stripes with a Red accessory to give you a very chic.

  • Blazer with linen and stripes, for 69.99 euros.
  • Shirt stripes and cross for 39.99 euros cleavage.
  • Striped mini skirt, for 29.99 euros.
  • Shopper bag with stripes and studs, for 49.95 euro.

Vero Moda

It is indisputable that the black and white stripes are a must but it does no harm to opt for clothing introduced another type of colors stripes, as in some items from the collection of Vero Moda.

  • Dress combined with stripes, 26,95 EUR.
  • Striped with pink trim gauze shirt, for 24,95 euros.
  • Classic shirt with red and white stripes, for 21.95 euros.


The variety we find in Topshop more modern and up-to-date trends of striped. Since some medium scratches for a chic touch to our looks to a striped crop sweater, ideal to wear with shorts.

  • Striped jeans shorts, for 39 euros.
  • Striped dress with open back, for 34 euros.
  • Striped dancers, for 23 euros.
  • Yellow- and -black striped crop sweater, for 42 euros.
  • Stockings with stripes, for 11 euros.


  • ASOs It is the paradise for the rays fans. There are many striped garments to choose from. Opt for one of their striped dresses, they are a sure hit for any type of event or time of day.
  • Short high-waisted pants, 41.67 euros.
  • With lobster sailor striped sweater, 41.67 euros.
  • Striped cropped Pant, for 35 euros.
  • Dress with ruffle and stripes, 34,73 euros.