Love for Handbags: Tips for Every Type of Woman

Hello girls OK?

Who To love a bag? I’m suspect to talk, because my passion for they only grow, handbags, handbags with spaghetti straps, large handbags, purses small and etc…(lol) all types like it. We know that the stock market is one of the essential parts of the look and hit the choice is wonderful!

I’ve been researching and found a site Superela fashion consultant who has written some tips on scholarships that more suits your body and height. Let’s see?

“Shape of the bag that will leave your body more proportional

Bags influence much in the way that your body is perceived, but,”like to point out that there are no rules, rules for women do not work well”. But let’s get to the tips according to preorderhandbags.

If you are high: You can use any type of bag. Long and cross straps are great to keep the shape and proportion of your body! and let those very small just to social eentos that require that stock size(parties, weddings and graduations)

If you are low: The ideal is to use medium and small bags, avoid the big ones that let you hidden! Long straps can also cause some Disproportionality in your visual, so prefer medium and short handles.

If you are skinny: You can abuse the large bags and also small, with various shapes and colors. If possible, choose those bags that end up in your waist line, which will give more volume to your body.

If you’re more chubby: Follows the same concern’s look, avoid volume. In other words, avoid purses shoulder strap that end in your hip. Very small bags are also not ideal. The ideal is to opt for medium sized bags to put on your shoulder or hold it in your hand.

Those are the tips ladies, liked? I loved it, and now it’s practice!