Lost Clothing, Tagesoutfits & Amp

And now we have come in the last day of the year. Crazy. Do I hope, everyone has been big plans for tonight? 

To spend new year’s Eve with pest of the proboscis and my husband on the sofa on my part. But we are comfortable there, Raclette in the table and Star Wars and Netflix on the TV.That hope, that I can start again on Monday, professional, sporting and even with all the.

Here to reach the 1. Part of the annual review, as well as here to my post about my good intentions both in the past as the coming.

If tomas false have become a tradition now affection, as well as costumes, they have until the end but not on the blog. Especially because then I am stupid, das Outfit unspannend oder weil ich is einfach vergessen habe.

Lost Clothing

Komischerweise is davon, welche kaumIch habe weitaus weniger Looks vergessen zu posten,als ich let.

Dieses grandiose Outfit ist zumindest von der Berliner Designerin Susan Teege obenrum, die mitpeach einen tollen Shop für kurvige Frauen betreibtDie photos kommen von der wunderbaren Fotografin Vivi – ich komme auf jeden Fall im nächsten Jahr noch einmal bei euch vorbeiEs war ein tolles Shooting!

Somehow missed time in the photo above. And now I need to publish also not rock shine

And then we have this here becauseach ja ich Weiß auch nicht ^^ Ich und Jumpsuitswir werden nicht warmAußerdem sagt mein Manndiese Teile seien das beste Verhütungsmittel, because completely unsexy and thus.

And then I found this. At the meeting, was kind of mad. It has they burst, raining and everything seemed not so, as he had that I painted for my. I hated the end.

The astonished eyes of the cat in my car to my Waghmare says Yes to everything…

What also tried this year, as often as possible to publish my outfit of the day. actually I print photos to me and hang in the closet, so I can not say always, I had nothing to wear. Well as my “Spiegelselfies” and “Snapshots of Hall” of the day in 2016:


The following images are really should not exceed in elegance and grace. Now a professional front of the camera, is really a target photo. I’ll show some of the best slam dunk you traditionally at the end of the year. Have fun!

Elegance and grace, I had promised to do.

And now what I have, my best wishes for you. I hope, the coming year offers, what you want. You stay healthy, as well as of the ones they loved. Who has a less good year, you can say: can be only better. And that everything has done this year, I wanted to create: Rock on!