Loreak Mendian, Collection for Women Spring-Summer

The most well known Daisy brand for much of the public, since their Sweatshirts with the enormous flower are seen on all sides, it launches its new collection. Loreak Mendian in his collection Spring-Summer 2009 back to post a very youthful and carefree style characteristics that have earned him the recognition so far.

Apparently in the lookbook female line I liked more than that of man, our colleagues from Mensencia commented yesterday same. Male proposals are more limited in terms of the format and the female variety of garments is greater.

We again see the taste of the next season by the romantic inspiration in blouses that you replace shirts, items that Loreak Mendian It has decided to set aside for women this season.

Blouses in soft colors like that we see in the image from VINTAGEWILL.COM, as well as more eye-catching tops, and that combined with pants where the Yellow shows his role next season, since it is one of the key colors. Narrow trousers in forms, without being skinny in full but straight cut.

Although I what I like the most is the line of dresses. Dresses that vary according to your designs. Loreak Mendian proposes three different lines. A very informal, where the style silversmith is more present; a casual second of pictures or just plain; and a third called eleganza.

The sweatshirts They also appear to halftime, and become striped, recovering the style sailor as other brands in the coming months. And finally, the t-shirts they suffer this same transformation in some cases or vary in designs with interesting prints.

A collection of fresh and ready to continue conquering a greater public.