Look of The Day: Summer

We continue with the Heat, with some more cloudy days between means, and with the innapropiados temperature changes which are everywhere, from companies, even in the public and private transport, where the air conditioning It is the summer torture which we suffer. So one no longer knows how to dress to not pass heat but not go cold with these systems.

If the other day spoke of a summer look for men, today do so for the first time to women, that it was high time after four proposals just for us. The women they have the advantage of relying on one greater freedom When it comes to dress in summer, you can put almost anything, facing the older men’s limitations, long pants and a jacket in many cases.

This época of the year is most suitable for show off the charms of each, whatever. From a nice skirt wearing legs, until a nice t-shirt shoulders or cleavage. Without forgetting the footwear, a fundamental aspect with this heat, being the main characters by autonomasia of the summer sandals.

I really is that I envy that ability to be able to wear what they want, especially at the bottom, where well you can see Bermuda shorts, skirts, pants, pirates… endless possibilities. Today is one combination to wear in the street or while we take something on a terrace.

We must look vivid colors, they are bright days, and these involve more go Alegre than normal; There will be time in winter hide color to others more bland. To this end, we are committed to a t-shirt with a strong Fuchsia, even more highlighted by the black and white that accompany it. It is of the brand DKNY, with a few longer sizes, offering an approach to dress, but not so. The detail of the loop at the height of the waist it is suitable to mark figure.

As combination, We can play with various possibilities, a Black knickers or with a Mini short of the same color, each a choose your favorite combination. Today, I bet by the Mini short Since slack t-shirt and its greater length, seems to prefer a measures over cropped pants.

To get one, without spending much money, better move by Zara or similar, those seen are of the brand Topshop, at a reasonable price. They are accompanied by a mini belt.

And in the footwear, A Sandals. They are choosing more fresh for these dates, and there are so many models that each one can choose their favorite. To me, personally, I like the Sandals some time ago we saw a Heidi Klum, the Gladiator model that they are both wearing the famous. In the absence of having found a better photo of one Black sandal great, here are a few different designs but with the same line.

The Heat us will not affect (at least, not in the same way) with this look, summer, attractive and very sexy. Now get time to go to a terrace of summer and wear it.