Look of The Day: Nu Rave

The movement of the moment, both in music and in fashion, is called: Nu rave. From the field of music, was a term that was coined, especially during the last year with groups such as Klaxons and the like, but that as quickly as it came, you have forgotten, a term that only has some reminiscences. But in the field of fashion, the Nu rave is more than present.

Wide locker rooms, the sweatshirts as main aspect, and then very bright colors for designs, no garment can go unnoticed to the take sunset. The Nu rave looking for the clash with the newest, freten to the typical colors that we are accustomed. A style that has its complications when it comes to clothing, especially if you are somewhere with certain requirements, to what is best to prefer another style.

The Nu rave is all very well to look in its context, with overnight and his party, and with the clubs more modern supporting the people who wear it. Thus we primaremos a look casual without any pretense of looking our best style, but bet on a more modern fashion. The Sweatshirt must have a design very striking, whether with stars, other geometric shapes, or colors fluorine, as they are called.

My favorite is a sweatshirt that sells the label DFA Records, with the simple design of its now famous Ray among the followers of his sound, but there is no picture quality to put, so it has changed to a signed Dave Denis, a good designer, with the collaborated to design a t-shirt That’s great. This Sweatshirt is one of the keys of the Nu rave, the designs based on the geometry. In this less striking than the average case, but I’m not in great colors.

For the t-shirt below, a typical design of the movement and that it has filled the stores for all brands, that has come to take both, hobby. Above, many of these stores have opted for designs where the repetition of geometric figures was so disastrous that they lost their mecha. On this occasion, a nice Pepe Jeans t-shirt, with the stars big and different types of mauve and blue.

In the pants, What better way to bet on a continuation of these bright colors. Trousers of Skinny red mark American Apparel. Thus we have each garment a color. And only takes one sneaker to call attention, especially one of them that said my colleague Jose Luis some time ago, among which are these Nike which you can see by clicking here.

If anyone dares to this look, it will look to fashion fully, only that not everyone likes to draw so much attention as it will be if these items are combined.