Let’s Start The Week with Much Style: Top 10 Outfits!

Posted by admin on July 10, 2017

We’re a Monday and we want to start the week with much style. And to do this we show looks (based on) different trends) so that you choose the one you like most go with your style and become itself. And if we have to name someone who understands everyday style that is Hevdig Opshaug: from your personal page The Northern Light gives us-based high-waisted pants outfits combined with white cotton shirt and a motorbike jacket. Can it be better?

Although if the heels and you have no great friendship can look at the Lovely Pepa Spanish: with a simple beige sandals and an outfit based light colors It is ideal. A whole has nothing special but the result cannot be better, what you think about your choice?

(Black and white)

The black and white There are two colors that never go out of fashion. Even if they pass the years are there, and it’s that combination you can take more than one trouble. If you have already done a few crochet pants, you can combine them with a simple black jersey and give them all the prominence they deserve. And if the combine with sandals (with or without heel) achieve something very difficult: go simple but perfect.

Although you may want give more prominence to the White that to black. If so choose a whole outfit in white and black accessories. You will achieve a perfect and elegant touch.

Above the neon!

And as one of the trends that is more giving than talk this season are the neon colors, We can not appoint some looks with these shades as protagonists. Because if you like this fashion you have many options to show it off: on r.OPA or add-ins It is not difficult to find the garment that more goes with you.

Personally I like the strength they give Add-ins: they are more discreet, but they give the outfit a chic.

Which of these options do you prefer?

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