Leggings: Style Guide

A fundamental piece of any bottom of Cabinet with which to create looks comfortable and elegant, ideal for all occasions and times of the day.

The leggings (meshes or shims in Spanish) are a basic garment easy to combine. They were created by Patricia Field in the 1970s, although they were not popularized until the 1980s and 1990s. Since then they have changed shape, materials, patterns and colors.

The originals were short, above the knee and cotton. Later any longer, were made to her ankles and even with rubber underneath the sole of the foot. In terms of materials, today not only find them of lycra and cotton, but also leather, vinyl or tejano .


The leggings are a versatile garment that, used correctly, feels good to almost all women. Here we tell you how to use them without changing your style:

If you do not want to take risks, you choose always to some lycra or cotton Black color to carry under a dress, jersey or large Nightgown (trying to always cover the rear). If your hips are rather wide commitment to dark colors, since slim.

In addition, you they will sit better if you wear them always style stockings or tights, i.e. better that as pants, without a shirt or jersey to cover your butt. Not recommend the leggings as pants, but If you don’t have wide hips and Yes very stylized legs, dare in style with one of leather or prints.

If you’re high you can use long or short to medium calf and you will be great dancers and smocks. In contrast, si eres bajita, tries to combine them with the same color as the shoes stockings, especially with boots, since you will create a unit in combination with the leggings and shoes and look like optically high. Equally, combining them with some high heel shoes you estilizarás legs, creating you a beautiful and elongated Figure.

Try to always buy the correct size, which are properly adapted to your legs. Not too tight or loose or wrinkled. If the leggings are too wide, maybe you should buy a few conventional cotton leotards that will create an effect very similar to the of the leggings in your legs.

The prints and colors are varied. If you’re daring, this season are fashionable leggings in black and white stripes. These are good to almost all the young girls, since horizontal stripes Stylize, but are very showy.


The leggings are a perfect garment, since we can carry on almost all occasions.

To go to work opt for dark and discrete colors, always combined with longer than a jersey male formal garment. For example, with our favorite: a classic with style, a dress pre-sixties. As for footwear, as has been mentioned, the combination with boots of the same color to make you high, ballerinas or some high heels to give a touch more elegant and formal.

In your free time, u informal occasions, can go for more daring prints and textures. In addition you can take more risks with the combination. For example, with a denim miniskirt, a XXL t-shirt with shorts or a miniskirt. As for footwear, you can dare with all: boots, dancers and even athletic shoes with wedge.

At night, go for a rocker look with the combination of some leggings of leather with a grey XXL t-shirt and a jacket also leather. Footwear, good heels. In addition to seem high, black you shape and you’ll get a look at the latest fashion.


As the leggings are a basic garment are very easy to combine. They are well with almost all the Accessories your wardrobe. However, should know how to combine them. The leggings of all colours can be combined with short jeans, mini skirts denim, dresses and sweaters or t-shirts XXL. Being a versatile garment might look on all kinds of occasions, as we have already mentioned, but always taking into account certain basic factors.

According to your tastes or the situation in which you find yourself, we suggest the following options:

-Dark leggings: if you want that the leggings are not the protagonists of your look, choose them a dark combination with a dress, a t-shirt or jersey XXL of a lighter color. If you don’t like it so simple you can add accessories to your look like bracelets, necklaces, scarf or a striking bag.

-Clear leggings: whenever you have some leggings in color clear attempts to accompany dark garments and tries to that your hip, is always covered since light colors can make it seem much wider. Styling your legs, the clear leggings are perfect with high heels.

-Printed leggings: if you dare with this trend, look much better if not mixing two prints differenttypes, i.e. If the leggings are striped it’s much better that you choose a maxi shirt of a single color, as well as shoes and accessories. Less is more.

However, if you’re always daring you can create your own fashion choosing clothes that feel better you and combining them with the basics which are the leggings. You will create trend!


We give you the following tips to look better your leggings: although it seems something very logical, we recommend not to use leggings of leather in the summer. Not only you’ll spend much heat, but is also a garment that is out of place in this season of the year, as if we did a wool sweater in the middle of August.

Quite funny, but true: Beware the clarito Brown Leggings or flesh-colored, since it seems that you do not take anything. When you choose the color of your leggings Please note the colors of your clothes in your closet. It thinks that it is a garment that you must combine with other necessarily.

Please note color to choose

This season they are very popular the leggings printed with crosses, stripes, skull, or flowers. Although they are for the more daring, feel great girls young. Especially if you combine them with other clothing trend this time: cowboy shirts or blouses of thread.

The footwear, also very of trend, perfect for these printed leggings are sneakers with cradle. In addition to giving you a more youthful touch they stylize the leg as heels. The printed leggings are very informal, so we would recommend to avoid it in more formal situations.

It also recalls that the 1990s already passed! Some young people try to bring the leggings fashion cyclists (above the knee) in fluorescent as roses, Orange, green or yellow colours back, but fortunately and for the moment, this fashion not conventional wisdom is congealing. Luckily because colors and these leggings length they feel well not everybody, are very difficult to combine and completely invalid in all situations.

If we combine the leggings with a sweatshirt and sneakers, give a touch very sporty, something like: go to the gym, but not. We understand it as a convenient resource to go on Sunday to buy bread, but it is not a proper look to go to have a drink with friends or go to work. Remember that the leggings are very similar to the screens that we use to make steps in the gym and combined may erroneously create an effect that is not where we want to. That Yes, you can do sport with them since they are flexible and very comfortable as recommended by Intershippingrates!

The fact that are so comfortable they make us feel well at all times, both at work, with friends, taking care of children or in a night of partying. Being so easy to combine, it is very difficult that mistake and everything points to that, fortunately, this trend goes for long.