Leggings: Learn How to Choose the Ideal According to Your Physical

What are the leggings?

The Leggings they are normally made of lycra or cotton, are characterized by a garment similar to a media set, but a little thicker and that runs from the waist to the ankle. Nets are more popular among young people by her look carefree and casual, but nowadays, women of all ages use it especially for your comfort and protect from the cold at the same time.

How to use a leggings to see you well?

Despite being trendy in recent years, you have to know how to use them and take into account the following steps to take them successfully: first your body type (especially the legs) second chance (work or night) , and finally, style (according to your personality and age).

Older, you have to be more careful with the choice of designs and colorful screens not to draw much attention, as well as the choice of the clothes and accessories that you will use to match the wire mesh, in order to create balance and proportion with your image.

Currently, there are a variety of options to choose from all the colors, designs and textures. You can find them with faux fur or even imitation of denim. But the million-dollar question is how to know when to use them and what are those that feel better.

Ideally this article should be combined with tops and long tunics, mini-dresses, big sweaters, skirts of different cuts and even shorts . Is not wearing the tops or dresses below the knees because they will make you look short and plump. Instead, seeks a stockings with a nice design and look more elegant and stylish.

For formal or business occasions avoids carrying eye-catching designs and look for garments and accessories that are elegant to balance the casual look of the meshes. At night, you can go for more daring designs (embroidered or lace)and accessories to tone to project your own style.

Here are tips for wearing leggings according to your body type.
Women with large hips and thick thighs
To be able to look thinner, you are looking for leggings with a solid color, dark and dull. Avoid as far as possible also prints. In order to disguise your hips and thighs, it uses a dress, skirt or tunic with Trapeze or movement and that finished above the knees. Never carry the nets as if they were pants and leave bare your butt and thighs.
Women with thick legs
Not carry nets that end at the thickest part of the calf because you will be drawing more attention. If you have thick legs and calf fine, also you should think better before you dare to use this type of garment since your body will look like a pyramid. Women with thicker legs to avoid wearing shoes with rounded ends.
Women with thin legs
This garment can be used as pants and with short overlapping garments, but make sure you always cover your butt and the length of the tops arrive until the middle of the thigh. Screens can also help you to give more volume if you choose clear, vivid colors or different patterns.
But always keep in mind your age and lifestyle. Very careful with women having the torso or very large bust and slim legs, because screens can emphasize the disproportion, in which case it is important to combine the meshes with bulky skirts to create balance in your image.
Women with short legs
For women with short legs avoids carrying nets that end in the middle of the calf or exposing the skin because it will look shorter. The best option is to choose leggings coming to her ankles and then choose a closed shoe or Bootie heel of the same color to enlarge your image.