Leather Backpacks Deluxe

As you may have already noticed features, leather backpacks have become the bag IT’s time, and thus the catwalks for autumn winter 2016 and the latest collections of fashion firms, have shown it including Fendi stands out above the rest. They are all a must have both for man and for woman, and this has been confirmed in the street.

The article according to each model is focused toward a different audience, but shown as an alternative totally unisex which adapts to all situations and all styles.

They attacked again the streets and do so with great force, and is that although we cannot say that the backpacks have never disappeared, it is true that in recent years they have been relegated to the background.

Everything points to that will convert to complement this season star, by it we recommend that you put the batteries and if you still don’t have one, you already do with yours, can not miss in your closet wallpaper!

Why have you returned?

The reason for its return? The way in which the fashion brands have reinvented them and been surprised with new really original and exclusive models, which are adapted to the current fashion and all styles: vintage, modern, discreet, casual, glamorous, elegant, classic, etc. Also some of the celebrities most famous moment appeared with them helped, and long.

Bag IT of the moment, they are therefore both low-cost firms more affordable and the most prestigious luxury fashion brands have not hesitated to put hands to work and incorporate them into their catalogs. And the truth is that they have hit the nail.

A comfortable bet that lets you carry all the items you need in your day to day, without having to worry about space and without sacrificing style. So, although we cannot say that you have to say goodbye to your bags, do you anticipate that this year the backpacks will steal them part of its role.

And so you can try it and give is that what we say is completely true, then you are going to show some of the leather backpacks that stronger are sticking and that most have liked the team of MBMV. Do you like the idea? Because he pays attention and get yours, you’ll love them!

Backpack Chanel Grafitera

Although it is not a leather backpack, we believe that it is absolutely necessary to stopping to speak briefly about the grafitera Chanel backpack, possibly guilty of the boom that backpacks are currently living.

A backpack designed not by Karl Lagerfeld, and that although it continues to be a graffiti-patterned canvas backpack, has managed to completely revolutionize the fashion world. A backpack that has a price which is around 3,000 euros, but that has not been any impediment that has become the darling of Chanel and the object of desire for fashion lovers.

Combined Mansur Gavriel backpack

This combination of Mansur Gavriel leather backpack is one of our favorites. We love it, and is it is a backpack that fits perfectly with any style, an ideal spot for an informal and casual look, for a wardrobe of office even for ever more elegant and sophisticated.

With a price that is around 595 euros, it has become one of the backpacks IT within this boom, so it arguably is one of the bags of the moment. Beautiful girl!

Louis Vuitton Monogram

Another of the backpacks that stronger it is sticking in the fashion world is Louis Vuitton Monogram model. A bag of skin that boasts of classic already characteristic of the Parisian firm stamping, with the initials LV, and that surprises with different outer compartments to keep mobile phone, wallet, or anything else that is you can go through the head. We love it!

Michael Kors RHEA

The leather backpack Michael Kors RHEA conquered us from the first moment. With a simple, elegant design and a pattern in black, it is ideal for any situation. Made of premium leather, it is a safe bet that won’t do more than improve your wardrobe Fund. If you’re looking for a backpack of leather for this winter, this is yours!