Kling, Collection Autumn Winter

The Mark Kling It is essential within the casualwear. It makes clothes at good price, very youthful and lively. It has stores in Madrid and several Spanish cities, but also sells almost all Europe. If you do not have a shop near you, do not worry, also have online shop!.

For this autumn/winter It maintains the strengths of your style: t-shirts, sweaters and striped, polka dot dresses, with bright colours and details as bows, drawings and large buttons. Kling stands out for the use of cotton and wool in your clothes and you can find options very original and different from other brands on t-shirts and sweaters.

The presenter Patricia Conde It is a huge fan of this mark, since it adapts perfectly to your style sweet and naive, and you can see it from Fashionissupreme with designs of Kling on numerous occasions in his program are what you did… We are sure that many have wondered from where take a so nice clothes, because Kling is your secret.

As to dresses, this season autumn winter repeated one of the bestsellers of the last summer: dresses with t-shirts overlay effect. An ideal bet for the youngest. I love pictures vichy dress and the other is a version very similar to a dress this summer sold out quickly in H & M and that many bloggers had bought.

For winter can also faults the sweaters of fretwork and the t-shirts with funny drawings.