Key Colors in Shoes for Spring and Summer

Are you one of those who closely follow the fashion trends? Well, this article is especially for footwear lovers have been waiting for the key colors in shoes for the next spring-summer.


The gold color is the most anticipated colors next season. The brilliant style kills all need to complement the rest of the outfit with accessories. Either flats or heels, gold color is forced to dazzle all who enjoy this color.
With the right outfit you can create stylish and professional.


This vibrant color synchronizes like no other with the spring and summer. We can find it in platforms, sandals, or heels in general. It becomes a bit difficult to combine shoes orange with garments that do not have the same tone, but it is a fact that the Orange is complemented perfectly by the white, blue and neutral tones. To give more harmony Orange also gets along very well with the yellow and red.


The blue color fits naturally within the hot season. Blue sandals or heels create a relaxed, fresh, casual and with great value for your outfit style.


Beige is one of the colors that will be used this season. Beige heels are extremely fashionable. This color makes a versatile shoe by nature; the advantage of neutral colors like beige is that you can combine it with almost any outfit. Beige is perfectly complemented by the color purple, pink, turquoise, black and dark blue garments.