Kaufberatung Lingerie

Just as many do not know their shoe size and prefer to squeeze into small shoes and get then with feet problems and might even have to undergo surgery, many women her exact bra size do not know well. Besides the poor fit and the unsightly appearance due to the fact usually also a health issue, especially the back and shoulder problems, but also blood stasis and even headaches. That is when a doctor is looking for the cause of constant headaches, he may have the patient actually ask if they are not wearing a bra too small. But not only in bras have women as their difficulty with the size. Even with other lingerie as garters or corsets many women underestimate usually the size they need. It should focus on the women who have a fairly large bust and not have to miss out on the hips a little bacon on the supporting properties of a bra in the right fit and the right waist circumference.

Measurement fit

For bras to measure the size of the horizontal measurement, directly underneath the breasts so the under bust. It should stand you and let’s start the measuring tape horizontally under the armpits and put on the chest. To determine the correct slip-size waist circumference is (including abdominal or waistband width) measured and the hip. This measurement should be held in an upright and relaxed posture and especially not in a sitting position. And also not the abdomen move, because for the measurement of waist circumference, it is important that here is measured at the widest points of the buttocks. The measurement of the fit is however feasible in this way, but also for corsets, lingerie Body, Baby Doll and Pharmacylib sexy lingerie not only bras and panties. Shapewear helps pounds wegmogeln Even with the lingerie, with or without a tip, it is possible so-called Shapewear to buy, so body shaping underwear, their secret are small fat pads, which are able to model a beautiful contour.