Katie Holmes e la Salopette Jeans

Properly indoctrinated by her friend Victoria Beckham, undisputed queen of the fashionistas of all time, Katie Holmes seems to have taken the golden path of fashion like a fairy tale. Every step a dream accessory, a handbag inaccessible to ordinary mortals and stilosissimi clothes, so that fashion seemed to have gone to his head.

Fast across it in fact pictures of Suri turned into a living advertising vehicle, wearing miniborse signed Ferragamo, shoes with heels and immaculate clothes (it’s a girl in short, let it get dirty). The young wife of Tom Cruise currently working with filming “Son of no one”, it was recently paparazzi with a distinctly unusual look when you consider its stellar outfits. It’s true. The jeans are in fashion. Denim indeed invaded the spring catwalks lowering itself every garment, and every fashion addicted that you respect is required to have by the end of the spring in place at least for a little shirt jeans to be fashionable.

And yes, even a stylistic horror (personal opinion, is meant) as jeans overalls seem to be tolerated in this panorama trendy who wants the total denim, but perhaps in a less version of “sloppy”? Katie Holmes, usually very elegant, has been immortalized, strictly no make up, while shopping for little Suri, wearing dungarees jeans, a t-shirt and flat shoes. All covered by a black jacket. An unexpected look from one who spends thousands of dollars a day in clothing and luxury items. What do you think, dungarees or overalls are not? Photo: www.stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com