Kate Moss Goes from Wedding

Us comes to or hair that celebrities go wedding now that we are carrying out a Special girlfriends. Kate Moss has been the first to lend us their support without wanting to and give us a fantastic and things look of guest at the wedding of her good friend, Leah Wood.

If yesterday was talking about dresses vintage inspiration for brides, today Kate demonstrates that retro is not only a trend for those who marry, but is a shoo-in for the guests.

With a very simple long color champagne gown signed by Chanel, a shawl in blue velvet with flavor to antiques, a few long outstanding fantasy, and a clutch of Rhinestones, seemed a sophisticated cabaret starlet on your holiday.

According to psyknowhow.com, the bride, daughter of one of the components of the Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood, and singer like him, as well as model, also sported a spectacular creation of retro inspiration, closed to the neck, sleeves lantern, fully draped around the bust and inlaid made with turquoise. The corsage, which included lilac, was beautiful!

If Kate chose an outfit according to the romantic style of the party and wedding in general, Alice Dellal, ex-Andrea Casiraghi and sister-in-law Charlotte, gave us the styling that never, I repeat, never should be to the a double link: you’d take on a normal day. About everything if your daily uniform is not to be the most appropriate & #8230;

I agree that should not be dressing up, because disease remedy can be worse, you have to adapt your own style for a special occasion, no Ponte years over, or kilos of fabric and unnecessary and absolutely ridiculizantes and more accessories, but so much or so bald, it should not go for “ natural ”, even though that case is to be a daughter of rock ’ n ’ roll.

Much Dellal I like because it passes everything and It has An unclassifiable style that you won’t see anyone more, but she, more than anyone, should know that there are certain rules of Protocol and unwritten rules of class, that them can not be a jump, not by what others say, but out of respect to those who are married.