Join the Look More Sweet Spring: Style Lolita

The trend more naive and candida passes this season spring-summer 2010 by the lolita look in all its versions. And it is that regardless of the urban framework, country, night or retro, the aires naif of candid woman who returns to childhood are translation in any field. Or matter to be wrapped in flowers and rise to clogs, in chic, minimalist or sport version: everything is sweetens.

The peasant version It is one that most we see as soon as we leave definitely gray weather.

Lolita picnic

Karl Lagerfeld opened the way for Chanel and the flight, to be able to be starched and recessed, in the skirts of dresses is rather than as we all seek.

It is a perfectly romantic choice.

Do you feel like?

Gothic Lolita

Gothic lolita version is dark and gloomy but continues to have a naive point.

And even Princess as demonstrated the other day, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Lolita’s prom

The bright version of the more ghostly lolita is the night that comes embroidering Dakota Fanning in their latest releases.

A ground where he made his first steps other actresses of angelic face like Emilie de Ravin who dares also to incorporate elements such as lace and frills.

Japanese Lolita

The original lolita and coming us all to mind is inspired by manga.

Pastel colors, pictures vichy, lace, garters or petticoats. Without forgetting the shims or heaters.

You are also used to perpetrate one

sport Lolita

as proposed by Alexander Wang.

Do you feel like starting with motifs such as the large loops?

Jessica Alba dares at the moment with the flounces.

Lolita preppy

The original preppy lolita is undoubtedly Alexa Chung.

But Keira Knightley, Miu Miu, the heels of her.

Lolita savage

The most wild and exotic lolita dares with the animal print and not afraid of the Leopard-print.

Or to the African motifs.

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