Jezebel News: What You Know of The Fashion of India?

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First weekend of February and close it to reviewing the best fashion news in Jezebel news, where we have a selection of varied, from the latest book on Cristobal Balenciaga to rumors of a possible cover of Vogue no less than Michelle Obama. Everything passing by India and their fashions. What you are you?

  • The great Balenciaga He has a new book. Sign it Mary Blume and is entitled: ‘The Master of Us All: Balenciaga, His Workrooms, His World’. It will be released on Feb. 5. At Amazon you can book for $13.89.
  • If you seek to learn more about a Kim Kardashian they did an interview on the occasion of the launch of its latest fragrance from WWD, Pure Honey. [More on WWD].
  • Victoria Beckham It will launch a collection of capsule of your selected dresses from previous collections on the occasion of the launch of its online store. [More in Vogue UK].
  • 2012 was not a good year for fashion, repeated competitions of creditors lived by many Spanish companies, will be added more negative variables. The textile industrial prices fell 0.2% in 2012. In 2011, they went up by 4%. We talk about output prices of factory of textile products. [More on El].
  • Designers go beyond a simple collection. Karl Lagerfeld It has jumped to the major sources, specifically to the of the Trevi fountain in Rome, which will restore your signature Fendi with a budget of EUR 2.2 million. [More on ABC].
  • The fashion circles not beyond the control of the Treasury and this time touched very closely to Anna Wintour, the all-powerful head of Vogue looks like your partner, Shelby Bryan, It owes to the U.S. Government $ 1.2 million)890.000 euro). [In the country].
  • The cover selected for this week again to look to Asia. Number comes out with its Thai Edition at number three of the same. By Punsiri Sirivechapun and with Nathalie Duchein as a model.
  • One of secrets like you? Surely Yes. Do you know why Kate Upton did not start in the last parade of Victoria’s Secret? Here you have the answer. [More in Fashion Copious].
  • Be true the rumor of the possible cover of Michelle Obama to the Vogue of United States? With Annie Leibovitz as a photographer. [More on Fashionologie].
  • India It is one of the emerging countries with greater projection and its market attracts the attention of the major brands. But and the Indian craftsmen? A way of approaching this ground is by reading this article from The Business Of Fashion.

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