Jewelry Trend 2015 – Choker Chain

The current eye-catcher of the season are busy striking chokers made of gold, enamel and diamonds. If you at the word “Choker” first in the 1990s feel back and fear to wear the old tight-fitting tattoo chain, we can give all-clear.

Nevertheless, the feeling of the 90’s on the catwalk and the Red resonates with carpet. Also makeup moves towards Browns – just become lipsticks in Brown shades of nude ensure above all by Kylie Jenner to the phenomenon caused a sensation. And also blends very well with the current jewelry trend: from elegant and intricately designed diamond necklaces to purist chokers made of gold with block colors.

Granted, this jewellery trend 2015 approaching may suspiciously close in some designs in timing the “shades of grey” dotrice. A look that is not far away when the Choker necklaces by Suki Waterhouse and Rosie Huntington Whiteley. The enamelled gold jewellery has a confident, strong and attracts everyone’s attention. The two models show that fits this chain to dekolletierten evening dresses in the same color.

Those who prefer’s opulent and elegant, can access to Diamond Choker chains. Singer Rihanna for example loves your model in 18 carat white gold with a variety of diamonds in a Pavé setting. The stunning Choker draws everyone’s attention–combined with finer diamond studs and a purist outfit of the necklace is optimally.

In the spring, the jewelry trend is also romantic. Choker with precious stones and diamonds are ideal for feminine looks. Supermodel Lindsey Wixson shows a sweet necklace with playful shapes on Instagram. The varied design fit the chain especially suitable for airy dresses and blouses with prints.

Massive chains, which are snug on the neck, are in the spring with part of the game. They were still the perfect companion to coarse knitting and festive Christmas, in winter they become in the spring to the fresh bright accessory chiffon and satin blouses. Impressive necklaces with diamonds in the Pavésetting in 18 carat white gold can be extremely versatile and gorgeous shine in the sunlight.

In addition to the glittering statement necklaces are also Choker made of softly gleaming precious metals. Punched metal give a loving boho-chic trend and can be optimally to individualize. Model Kate Upton combines the Choker with a fresh makeup and makes the piece of jewelry to the eye-catcher of the outfit.

The tangy spring look fit also multi-layered chokers made of glass beads and raw stones in pastel. As Gisele Bündchen on Instagram, the statement necklaces give freshness the entire look. In addition, the necklace gently reflects light and brings the face to the rays.