Jewelry Really Put in Scene

If you have your handmade jewelry sold, ever on a jewelry party displayed or offered on a craft market, then you know how important it is that it’s up to the presentation. You can set your jewelry right in scene with some tips.

As table cloth I use always material made of black velvet or velor. The most chains look like then still time so beautiful. Pieces with black leather or velor Ribbon I have mostly a cloth in Silver: so dark pieces of our site are really good.

To set everyone’s attention on the jewelry, I have a simple trick. I make for example an earring stand at both ends of the table. I have found a rotating stand on a flea market once something is of course an excellent extra on the sales table. Earrings are better presented and the center of the table is stressed by such an increased item.

Except contrasting table cloths, beaded place mats are great eye-catchers. On these I present different collections, E.g. gemstone rings, or Sterling cubic our site Stud Earrings: so it is clear what belongs together. If everything is messed up, it is too confusing for visitors. Also, I recommend a small list with prices.

Jewelry stands are great display possibilities. Chain stand in bust form suitable for it very well. As arranged, your chains look is particularly valuable. I use busts such as always for my best pieces of jewelry. One finds such chain displays or even jewelry hands maintains various sales portals on the Internet.

Finally, don’t forget your business cards and one or more hand mirror!
What are your tips for a successful sale?