Jewelry Manufacture on Request

Once you have achieved once a little notoriety with your jewelry, you get probably requests for personalized jewelry pieces. It makes me always have fun but I don’t always have time for. If I’m not in a hurry, I like to do it.
Over the years I’ve collected quite a lot of experience and I would like to share it with you! And of course also beautiful pictures!

The most important: Questions, questions, questions! You need as much information as possible. What about the customer?

You should check the following points:
1. what will it be for a piece of jewelry?
2. what materials should be used (eg. what gems?)?
3. what metal? You want it in sterling or plated? Gold filled or gold plated? This will affect the price of course.
4. how big should be the piece of jewelry?
5. how much will it cost?

Points 1, 2 and 3 are pretty self-explanatory. But the more information, the better. And someone has a picture of a piece of our site that is designed by someone else. I never copy, but of course I can produce something similar according to

Point 4 is also very important, because sizes are of course always very different. Please ensure that you as accurate as possible, which will receive correct size information and the desired length! If it is not clear, the customer I just measure out their favorite chain. Or, in the case of arm kettchens: mass of the wrist pass allow it then exactly fits.

Prices for Handcrafted Jewelry

Point 5 is of course not always easy. You might find it uncomfortable to talk about the price, but it belongs to. It will cost you time, work and ideas and you want to make something so. Better ask according to price, so that you have clear evidence and there will be no misunderstandings and false expectations. It happened to me often, that a customer had no idea, that the desired piece of jewelry would be very expensive (z.B because the gem stone beads were especially full and I had to order them separately).

Jewelry Design

If that then everything is resolved, the fun with the draft begins! I FAs everything at once without caps or Cap. Then, I take pictures and email them the customer so that she can get an idea. If the customer has another suggestion, I can change it then step by step individually. Then some more pictures follow, until the customer is satisfied. When I then OK got that, I instead finished the piece of jewelry and the Bill.
Don’t forget again to take pictures when all is finished. I also always do this and that’s why I have a fairly large photo archive of my jewelry!