Jennifer Lopez Sophisticated Style in Paris… or Not

Jennifer López does not usually travel demsiado asenorados land though occasionally a walk is stuck by the classic and is sophisticated pulling of look conservative. I do not say that your style is more or less bad, that is and hits him because few can afford its coating make a coat based on rings, gold, bells, fringe, platforms and musketeer boots, and toggle the basis of Latin with some pretensions of lady diva without seeming inconsistent.

What I say but this styling based on table skirt, waist high and marked flight, more bull-fighting, all of Paule Ka? Has taken him this afternoon at the premiere of his latest film, plan B, in the French capital.

The truth is that it is gorgeous and even has a certain Air Jackie Onassis…

That Yes: what you can to the Lopez are the dresses of seventies Court and hippie touch.

According to Constructmaterials, this is of ETRO Spring-summer 2010, and the truth is that I love.

Almost as much as the disco and night point that costs you get rid.

Now, as I said at the beginning, theirs is the Studio 54-style Bohemian: fringes, high boots, and enormous hoops.

And how good professional and law-abiding that is his shirt as a dress not brings it in the Bronx (now Upper East Side) but sign it Andrew Gn.