Intimissimi Bras Where to Buy

Just bring your own linen used in the shop to receive discounts on the collection 2013. The initiative is valid also for costumes Calzedonia.

Intimissimi Bras Where to Buy

“Recycling pays”: this is the slogan launched by Intimissimi to communicate the initiative of underwear recycling for 2013. The transaction active in all participating outlets throughout the country, makes it well not only to the environment, but also to the portfolio of consumers, who can “scrap” knitwear and intimate garments used to obtain discounts on the purchase of new merchandise. The used handed in stores is then collected by I: CO, partner company specializing in environmentally friendly recovery, and used to create new products, with a considerable saving of raw materials and a significant reduction in CO 2 in the machining process.

Intimissimi Bras Where to Buy 1

Recycling in 2013, Regulation

Delivering its used at one of the selling points Intimissimi joining the program, you immediately receive coupons that can be used even at a later date, for the purchase of new products not subject to sales or promotions.

Here are the categories of clothing admitted, of any brand and in any condition (also very spoiled), and the value of the corresponding vouchers for each piece:

– Bras = 3 € (see Abbreviationfinder)

– Man or woman knitwear (underwear, shirts, blouses, sweaters) = 2 €

– Pajamas male or female = 2 €

– Briefs man or woman = 1 euro

The vouchers received can be spent in all Intimissimi stores participating in the initiative by 31 July 2013. They do not entitle to rest and can be accumulated, but their value may not exceed 20% of the bill amount (from which will obviously excluding any products purchased on sale or promotion).

Intimissimi Bras Where to Buy 2

New life to Calzedonia costumes

On the threshold of summer, the recycling and resale values ​​operation was extended tocostumes Calzedonia, other well-known chain of stores belonging to the same holding company Intimissimi, Calzedonia Spa. Delivering an old costume or women’s clothing beach , man or child is in fact achieved a reduction of respectively 5, 3 and 2 euro on the purchase of a new head of the same category.

Intimissimi Bras Where to Buy 3

The deadline for the use of Calzedonia voucher, valid only on non-discounted products and in this case not cumulative, it is anticipated to June 30, 2013. The Board, therefore, is to carry out as soon as possible the dress rehearsal and take advantage of this initiative to renew its beachwear saving and helping the environment. Even the used costumes are “overvalued” for a new purchase by Calzedonia.