In the Showroom of H & M – Autumn/Winter 2011

Posted by admin on March 22, 2017

H & M invited this morning 2011 to showcase their upcoming fall / winter collection and we left it of course not take us to follow the main invitation. Our heart of Studio at the Saarbuckener Street in Berlin served as the perfect location for the pieces of the cold season and let this Tuesday morning beat the generous presentation area in the Studio of the delight rental. Because what we got to see there liked almost without exception! Maybe it was the beautiful staging of the pieces, maybe but really on a new wind in H & M, because quality and design completely convinced.

What awaits us in the winter at H & M?

All lots of leather: no matter whether smooth or Suede, the material runs through various trends of the collection. Even in rich berry tone as a short jacket, even in the mud sound like in a beautiful dress or classic once again in the black Bikerjacke.

H & M we assorted colors and so fell in love with us tomorrow not only in red and orange tones, but especially also in delicate mintfarbende transparent pieces that we immediately want to combine with snag leagues wool sweaters in the cream tone. The pretty accessories, such as hats and shoes were a special eye-catcher in addition to the plaid blazers.

A touch 70s blowing through the entire collection, lets us look damn female ladies and promises of materials, processing and cuts to be a really successful collection.

We stay tuned and will announce immediately, of course, if there is to buy the surprisingly great collection in stores. I definitely am excited and forward to the very successful pieces in the autumn. Was time again, love H & M!

Favorite thanks to Mary Ellen for the invitation and of course to Sabrina for the love support!


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