Ilado Paris, Necklaces Calming Baby Pregnancy

Ilado Paris is a firm specializing in accessories “Angelcatcher“. Necklaces pregnancy are calming the baby thanks to a soft tinkling. To create its collections are inspired by the bells and meaning of appeasement and protection. In addition your jewelry pieces combine utility and design .


The ball , as they call their star necklace, is a sphere – shaped silver pendant that emits a subtle and harmonious sound that goes to the rhythm of your movements. This type of necklaces or bracelets were used in many cultures, from India to Latin America. By future Mexican mothers are traditionally used to calm your baby and create a unique bond. At the same time, he says the legend, protects you during pregnancy, since the soft tinkling of pendant, calls the guardian angel of the person wearing it. The ball will accompany you throughout your pregnancy and after.


Ilado collections are handmade by artisans from around the world selected for their experience and quality. The entire production process by selecting high quality materials, color definition and meticulous assembly, which makes each piece unique and unforgettable gift care. Silver, white gold, pink gold, onyx, rose quartz and other stones is used. Besides their designs are modern and very current. The gentle tinkling and family calm the baby from the fourth month of pregnancy and continues after the child to reassure and remind your mother.