I Want Glasses…

… and if you are Chanel, much better

More than one week ago I was invited to the presentation of the new collection of sunglasses Chanel in a new and exclusive optic of A Coruña. Optics in question,

 Sánchez Rubal, is well known in the city because they have several establishments, but this time have passed, have wanted to make a new “product” a new style of “more sophisticated and more exclusive” with its Calle Sánchez Bregua optics and I think they have succeeded. Optics at a glance highlights and invites you to enter if you are looking for something unique, from the outside it shows that it is “something different”.

I really, of the world of glass little I know, I see perfectly and the only times I have put my glasses has been rather silly or eyestrain but luckily, I don’t have any loss of vision (at least for now). So I have to admit that the only thing that caught my attention to this “event” was the word “CHANEL”.

And well, I don’t regret going because I saw glasses very cool, I tried them I and saw first-hand the difference between a “normal” glass and a CHANEL. And it is that in my life I had seen sunglasses with cultured pearls or authentic woven tweed embedded in the PIN! There are glasses cool and exclusive sunglasses with the opinion of Aristmarketing, and does not need to tell you in that group are the CHANEL. My grief, that or I can afford them (exclusive = paste) and although he could not believe that it spent me in glasses that cost. Honestly, I’m not a person that values such things, exclusivity and luxury does not go too much with me and although he had 300 eurillos not spend it me in glasses. It overwhelm me to think the amount of things that I had been able to buy in its place…Have really poor mentality? Equal is that I can’t imagine with enough money, maybe if I had much much changed its mind.Who knows?

Meanwhile I have enjoyed trying me these wonderful and precious glasses as a child in a ball park. In addition I have marveled because some loved me as I had, which is not usual in me, tend me not to like the glasses on my face almost never. Is well which are also brand thing? I don’t know, but while still looking so well and being so poor me I’m going to be without knowing it. I tell you if I get the EuroMillions now.

I leave you with photos and with the look, rescuing a dress that is about 6 years old minimum, H & M, trying to do miracles with little clothing that serves me and me is comfortable now to go to a fairly fixed event. Nor is it that you have achieved a lot, but well, I’m under minimum of options!And the worst thing I do not know if it will improve, because thinking that clothes will be worth me to breast-feed and which do not, I’m going crazy since almost none of my clothes fits this. Take me prontooooo!

And the best thing of going to these things, we will, by gifts or payment because it is not, because we don’t have so much level hehe, is to see those bloggers that you always spend it well and spend a pleasant time. That joy to see again toCandies Closet Marta and Laura dress me slowly. In addition, although I have no photo, that day met Julia dePotis Coruña, a blog of beauty did not know until now. I don’t know how much will it take to be able to return to see you girls, which seems to me little time to events I’ll have the baby… Thank you for all the good times you have given me so far!

And to all, kisses I hope you like the look and the glasses… If you have more economic power than me, don’t give you the whim