I like How These Looks of Summer!

Weeks pass and the heat intensifies, so every time my inspiration is more depleted: My neurons can not think and I do not know what noses get day to day. The luck is that today bloggers help us to do this, because her looks always us can serve as inspiration to make our own outfits with what we have at our disposal within the Cabinet and our personal touch. That is why today we look at some of them…

Dare to wear one risky clothing and wear it with other garments plain and bland, because they create a perfect tandem that make you it best dressed of the moment. Although the combination of According to what colors can also you succeed: yellow feel phenomenal skin gilded by the Sun, and combined with other shades as the dark blue, make us be perfect.

Although we can always opt for a total look in black: We know that we do not risk, but we also know that we are more than correct. If you prefer, you can break the monotony a pair of shoes in another tone color.

But sie are that thinks that there is no better time than summer to mix acids and striking tones, then is in Olivia Palermo in whom you’ve set. She is the Queen of these combinations, and in her last look we can see it How does it.

Do you serve one of these looks like? morning inspiration?