Hugo Boss, Woman Collection Fall/Winter

Yesterday spoke of the new collection of Hugo Boss for men, highlighting where jackets and elegant style that brought all the designs. Today analyze the female line for the next autumn/winter, Although we don’t want to see it, it is just around the corner, unfortunately.

Womens, Hugo Boss has pleasant surprises, with very modern dress but at the same time classic lines, with already typical colors in the German mark. In general, the muted colors, where black has your website stand out. Clothes that are a single color, No mixtures or different parts that give more life to the whole.

To see the collection at once, we could talk about a collection of sad and off tones, but it would be fall into error, since Hugo Boss has always settled on the very idea of design, and the color your online is set as elegance, either off or living.

An example of this are the dresses that illustrate the article. All of very dark colors, both black, in a blue metallic with touches off. The latter is perfect for any party that you want to attend, while the other two are harder to take, since the one on the left will give us a very good heat in the street, but when it comes to endure within it will be more difficult. And the environment, saves the perfect line for a Executive who wants to show off its charms under a so sawing dress.

According to, for the work, You can also opt for a jacket that proposes Hugo Boss. Grey, very classic of a short to combine perfectly with pants of the same color, and a button. Or if still preferring the skirt, You can opt for a long dress, unless you reach the waist, also grey, and playing with some black stockings, a high boot and some gloves. Even if ours is the most attention, the silver set is the best choice.

Although I do still preferring the more classic lines, in particular, the long raincoat on the right, dark, straight and very well combined with high leather boots; perfect for rainy days. On the other hand, can opt for jackets shorter, in different versions; and for a skirt very tight or a stripe pants.

The Blue Coat that concerns us now, it has to be spectacular live, since the finish metallic It will blue a nice attraction. Continuing with my favorite, is the tight long dress, with a tiny belt to mark further the silhouette and add detail to the set. Very carefully, as the jacket that it introduces us to the right, again for work.

If we do not want to opt out of such dark colors, such as black and blue marino more off, We can choose an orange in their different shades. Already be metallized, as the dress a piece of the right; pulling the salmon, as in the other more demure dress, with collar and long sleeves; or in an orange more alive, as you can see in the skirt and jacket set from the Center. All of them are combined with shoes grisaceos.

And Yes with the Orange We are not satisfied; There are Another option to choose: the Beige. The Gabardine Classic, with a nice belt; the long dress where the color derives more Brown, above all by the use of a bag and stockings of this color; and a curious jersey wool that will avoid the cold of winter at the same time giving us an original touch.

All designs, I prefer the more adjusted and adapted to the female line, especially one-piece knee-length dresses, which are a success. Hugo Boss Thus, proposes a line to look anywhere and at anytime this autumn/winter.