How To Wear Leggings

… covering the bum!

This we have spoken enough on facebook lately. I first told you that had I been perplexed to see that a store size of a village close to where I live was about half legging (come on, stockings without foot) combined with a sweater covering far your butt. My comment was ‘best with something longer and more being an medium legging’ because there was mounted and the owner told me that he had no idea and that if I believed personal Shopper, which was a matter of “get out”.

Personal shopper not I, nor stylist or anything like that, but appealing to common sense… A half LEGGING… It is a MEDIA and it is not custom to put socks uncovered back. Or if?

The case is that the confusion can be easy since this season we are seeing many lovely bare with leggings. It seems that it has been the resurgence of the legging and not stopped seeing them with short things not covered.Personally, I hate to see people with leggings with exposed buttocks, I do not mean those who are well chubby (type mesh chandalera) nor to the jeggings, I am referring to the legging, to the fine stuck and it makes everything (either vinyl, either cotton or whatever it is). And I guess a girl in front of her mirror putting on them and looking at her beautiful butt in the mirror feeling great. But OHH, must be seen in movement! Rare is the person that a legging in motion looks good (logical, in the real world perfect asses there at all is well few) do not favor anything!

As the winter progressed I was wondering if I was the only freak who thought so (although I had to read your opinions on facebook and you mostly concordabais with me) until last week I saw This POST from one of my favorite Spanish bloggers, B Belen * fashion. And that is that this girl has its pluses and minuses (not all post from a blogger are interesting, my first) but I love his sincerity, his self-confidence and his closeness. In this post you say it makesA practical guide of how to dress with Leggings and above all stresses… You shall not teach the bum .

And it is that as always, each one can be dressed as you want or as best they see in the mirror… Of course, but in my opinion… LEGGINGS without bum! So taking advantage of this garment is more comfortable that you can use in pregnancy and recently a good friend gave me this shirt not already using… I bring you a look with leggings like showing on Diseaseslearning!

Already there are only 7 weeks pregnant… And everything follows the wind aft! Last week I’ve been released from heartburn as who says but it seems that they are starting again… Not encounter causes the truth so I stopped completely a week… But anyway, thank you for that week of truce  time I book feet and swollen ankles although as I see in other pregnant they should be falling…

And you, you think of LEGGINGS? BUM Yes or NO bum?Your opinions are gold!